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  • Touch Of A Woman

    Dillion Harper is new to getting a massage but she feels a bit shy about having a woman work her over. She wanted a male therapist and but after a talk with her massage consultant she agrees to give India Harper a fair shot with an open mind. A female masseuse is so much more empathetic than a male and once Dillion gets past her bi-curious jitters she relaxes right into the zone where sensual attention and sexual tension bubble up together into a session worthy of fantasy flashbacks for a very long time to cum!

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    • date: 20.02.2019
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  • Two Grown Women

    Two beautiful women are naked in bed, tongue-deep in a heavy make-out session. They break away from each other and talk about a secret they share. Suddenly, someone yells 'Cut!'. Turns out these two hotties are none other than Girlsway superstars India Summer and Jane Wilde, filming another killer scene. India thanks her co-star and leaves the room, bumping into the gorgeous Katie Morgan, who's on her way to film a scene of her own. They chat about the scene India just shot, where she played Jane's step-mom. Turns out Katie's playing a step-mom ***ay too. Katie's got her robe open as they talk, and India can't help but admire her luscious tits and tiny pink panties, telling her that her tight body looks...inviting. Come and get it, right?, Katie jokes. India agrees completely, telling Katie that she would love to CUM and get it since she's never gotten it before. Katie bites her lip and pulls India close to her. How is it possible that they've never done a scene together before?, Katie

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  • The Business of Women Part Two: Homecoming

    Charlotte states that all these women used to be just like her, but now, gone or forgotten, but the last one, the one in black, that picture was of Vanessa, India's first apprentice but now, enemy. Vanessa left India taking half of her clients with her. Charlotte reveals to Samantha what it's really like to be employed by India, bad mouthing her boss advising Samantha she doesn't know what shes really in for. Samantha needs to get out while she still can. Hearing every little thing Charlotte said, India calls her out, disappointed in her once again, now having to take on the simple task of training Samantha. Charlotte begs to have another chance trying her best to please her boss, but India will not have it, ordering her to get out of her sight. Charlotte falls on her knees with the snap of India's fingers. India feels Charlotte and Samantha both need a lesson in respect and with that, India summons them into her bedroom. Their fates are now in the hands of one powerful woman.

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    • date: 25.02.2019
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  • My Math Teacher

    Danny arrived at the soapy massage parlor and was very shocked to see that his masseuse, India, was his math teacher back when he was still in school. She was nervous about giving him a massage, but he had always had a on her when she was his teacher so he insisted she be his masseuse. After undressing him she led him to the soapy tub where she washed his body and rubbed his cock and balls. He was so turned on he couldn't keep his hands off her body. She took him from the tub to the mattress, laid him down and started sliding her body all over his. As she wrapped her lips around his dick and started to suck he relaxed and enjoyed the moment. He had always known she was hot, but had no idea she was this wild and talented. She then led him to the shower where she surrendered it all and let him bend her over and fuck her hard. He filled her sweet pussy, came on her tits and left with a smile on his face.

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  • Teaching The Rookie

    India laughs saying that it's pretty clear she really wants this job. Audrey lies down on the table. India starts giving Audrey lessons as she massages her sensually. As Audrey gets more and more into the massage, India oils up her hands and slides them along the rookie's body. Soon, it's time for Audrey to practice what India taught her. As India gets naked and lies down on the table, she's eager to feel what Audrey has learned. Audrey's nervous, but gets right into it, massaging India's tits. She's doing so well and India moans with pleasure. Audrey's hand moves lower and begins to pet India's pussy, asking her if what she is doing is ok. India lets her know that it's more than ok, and that part of a massage is making sure that their clients are completely taken care of. Audrey, ever the eager student, knows what she has to do, and gets to work. Before this lesson is over, this rookie is going to make sure that her teacher's EVERY need is taken care of.

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    • date: 05.03.2019
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  • Troubled Neighbor

    Eric stops by the Nuru massage very upset. India meets him at the door and asks for the password to enter. Eric states that he lives next door to the Parlor and is upset that every time he comes home from work there is a car parked in his parking spot, and cars coming and going all night long. India apologizes and offers him a free massage to relax him and make up for the frustrations as long as he doesn't call the police about the matter. Eric accepts the offer and they head to the showers. India wastes no time and starts off by sucking his cock right away. Eric is surprised but enjoying the blowjob. India tells him if he liked the Blowjob he's going to love what's next. She starts off by massaging him and turns it up a notch and they go all the way.

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    • date: 11.02.2019
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  • Roleplay With Me: School Girl Fantasies

    They both please Dava, who has no idea there's another woman eating out her pussy until she removes the blindfold. Dava is shocked and furious, telling India off for cheating on her with one of her students! Is she SERIOUS? Dava's so angry, and Emily's so persistent, that she has revenge sex with Emily to get back at India. However, this backfires and eventually leads to them all getting so hot and heavy that India's allowed to join, too. They have a fiery threesome, filled with passion and fuelled by the fury of a wife scorn. A lot is at stake as they wildly eat out each other's pussies and more to experience orgasmic bliss. Maybe the roleplay and marriage can be saved after all -- unless another twist comes their way to shake things up further!

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    • date: 10.03.2019
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  • Rocco's Perfect Slaves #05

    Dark-haired, MILF domme India Summer uses her enormous strap-on dildo to train the throat and pussy of submissive blonde slut Anikka Albrite, as businessman James Deen casually watches. Before long, James has taken over, plowing Anikka's sweet hole; the girls each worship his cock, and India takes a relentless ass fucking from the younger stud as her blonde slave cleans his shaft ass-to-mouth. At the climax of the nasty threesome, Anikka and India lewdly swap a creamy mouthful of sperm.

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    • date: 11.03.2019
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  • Passionate Partners #02

    India summer In Passionate Partners #02

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    • date: 12.03.2019
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  • Our Little Secret #02

    India Summer In Our Little Secret #02

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    • date: 13.03.2019
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  • S***r Wives XXX - Part 4

    Being a polygamist may not be the simple life, but the affable if somewhat dopey Kody always manages. Now if we only figure out what he does for a living...DISCLAIMER: S***r Wives XXX, A Porn Parody is a parody movie featuring fantasized version of individuals who appear or have appeared in the media. This parody movie is not to be taken seriously, and does not depict actual events in the lives of any individual mentioned, portrayed or identified in the movie. Discovery Communications, LLC ('Discovery') has claimed trademark rights to 'S***s'. S***r Wives XXX, A Porn PArody is not a Discovery or ZTLC product, is not authorized, sanctioned,sponsored or approved by Discovery or TLC. There is no affiliation,connection, or association between Discovery or TLC and the authors or publishers of S***r Wives XXX, A Porn Parody.

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    • date: 09.03.2019
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  • Should I Tip?

    Natasha White is new to the all girl massage parlor but she finds herself in expert hands with her experienced masseuse India Summers. It's her first time ever, and she really wants to focus on her inner thigh muscles. Once she lays back on the table, you can tell how much she enjoys the sensation of having a much older woman rubbing her nubile skin. It doesn't take long for India to notice the silent signals and see it's OK to slip a few fingers inside Natasha's perfectly shaved snatch. Since Natasha is so new, she didn't even know how to return the favor, but India took the time to teach Ms. White how she can work her tongue through the tan-lines to find bi-curious orgasmic gold, deep in her lovely pussy!

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  • Passionate but Rough MILF action

    Sexy MILF gets fucked deep as she screams out and cums again and again

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    • date: 12.03.2019
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  • My Mom's Friend: Part One

    Megan is stunned to discover that her mother and India are lesbian lovers but somehow intrigued by India's seductiveness. Megan kisses India's thighs and licks her pussy with her soft tongue then places her finger deep inside India's hole making her sweat with pleasure. India can't wait to get a mouthful of Megan's youthful pussy licking her moist backside and swirling her finger deep inside her forbidden fruit. Crossing each other legs, they begin tribbing passionately as they simultaneously peak in lesbian bliss creating a huge mess of pussy juice on the bed. Megan admits that she's always been jealous of her mother's relationship with India and fantasizes about her constantly. With Megan's mom coming home any minute, India promises her an experience she will never forget! To Be Continued...

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  • My Yoga Teacher

    Dick arrives to the massage parlor and is greeted by Rayveness. He explains he's looking for India the masseuse. Rayveness takes his payment and Dick and India head upstairs. India is also Dicks yoga teacher, she thanks him for coming to the parlor to see her, and admits she's got a bit of a on him as well and he turns her on. She continues by removing her clothes and going straight to sucking his cock, once she gets him hard and swelling, she introduces her lovely wet pussy to his cock and lets him explode hot cum all over her.

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