• Red Dress is So Sexy I Cum a LIttle in Excitement

    from: LONGMINT

    Not many people know I was the original Little red riding hood, but my story was very different and far to X-rated for the ears of anyone under 21 or with a weak heart.. It all started when I was walking through the park, on the way to take some cookies to my grandma. Suddenly a big wolfman jumped out on me and asked for something to eat. I immediately dropped my red cloak to the ground and stood there in my stockings and heels holding my hard hung cock for him to munch on.. Sadly this scarred him away. I was so sad as I love hairy guys and heard he was hung like a donkey.. I ended up going home alone, wanking over dreams of being drenched in hairy man's cum..

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    • date: 15.03.2019
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