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  • Wedding day in the ASS, plus rimming

    Wedding day in the ASS, plus rimming

    ... actually my husband wanted to fuck my ass all night for our 14th anniversary. Instead, he had to stay in the office again. I was totally disappointed when a super horny guy spoke to me in the underground car park. Plans are there to be c******, so I decided without further ado to drag the horny American into my apartment. I should be right with my premonition. The guy literally fucked the brain out of my head. Not only did John first fuck my sex addicted cunt, no, he also pounded my asshole away so much. He then presented the hot juice to me on a plate

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    • runtime: 11:52
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 07.08.2020
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  • My boot, foot and sperm delicious

    My boot, foot and sperm delicious

    After a hot number with a creampie at the end, I felt like working on such a small-dick loser again. My dominant side wanted to let off steam. Luckily my personal servant wasn't far and I had him come. There he was, the little good-for-nothing – he had politely locked his mini cock in a cage. After he had licked my patent leather boots clean, I put my feet in his little mouth, letting him feel where his place in society was. Then the creampie came into play... He had to lick the foreign sperm completely out of my cunt hole. Finally, I had a very special thing in mind for him...

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    • runtime: 11:40
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 22.01.2023
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  • 2 MILFs. 1 young girl

    2 MILFs. 1 young girl

    My dear Milf Shay and I were in the mood for fresh meat again. So we invited sweet Chrystal to really eat her up. One after the other was allowed to go to the middle and let the other two pamper you. Licking, fingering, smooching ... Stop really hot lesbo action again. That was really cool, for the next time, but then I am happy to have a horny cock there again. Or 2 or 3

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    • runtime: 9:06
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 27.06.2021
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  • No Story, just fun

    No Story, just fun

    We had an appointment with a couple and just wanted to have great fun with them. So we just set up 2 cameras and just got started. No story, just uninhibited sex. Horny blow, lick and fuck. Everything without rubber.

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    • runtime: 10:52
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 04.06.2022
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  • Texas Patti - Queen of… - celebrates Halloween

    Texas Patti - Queen of… - celebrates Halloween

    Press release: Texas Patti - Queen of…, let's take a look behind the scenes. We were allowed to be there and watch how Texas Patti kills an innocent lad with his fat cock in her castle on Halloween. See for yourself whether there was a trick or a treat

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    • runtime: 13:38
    • resolution: 1280 x720
    • date: 31.10.2020
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  • The dildo tester. Fully waxed and laughed dead

    The dildo tester. Fully waxed and laughed dead

    I was booked for a dildo test. When I am currently testing the part extensively, I see that the client is jerking his cock. It turns out that the test was just an excuse to shoot a clip with me. Well ... I'm always soothed quickly with tails. So I blow him the part and want him to squirt nicely in my face ... At least that was the shooting schedule. We still laugh about what happened then. Certainly not a perfect clip, but it shows that something can always go wrong and, above all, that we really have a lot of fun.

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    • runtime: 8:12
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 28.06.2019
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  • The voyeur. Just tension is not

    The voyeur. Just tension is not

    I had a handyman who was supposed to fix a few things in the kitchen. Watching him do it was too boring for me, so I went into the bedroom and wanted to use the time wisely and do it myself properly. When I had a hot orgasm, I suddenly saw that the guy was watching me all the time and his cock was hard as an oak. Ok, that doesn't work at all. Either you fuck me now or get out of here and do your job! His decision was clear, he shoved his prick all the way down my throat and AO fucked me. Why not like that right away?

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    • runtime: 8:57
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 09.07.2021
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  • Fresh meat for the MILF. New neighbor towed away

    Fresh meat for the MILF. New neighbor towed away

    Yesterday I met our new neighbor at the pool. Really a cute young thing. The longer I talked to her and looked at her, the more I wanted her. I wanted to know how her pussy tasted and how well she licks mine. So I took her to my apartment and started right away. After the first gentle kisses and caresses, she thawed very quickly and began to lick and finger my cunt. After I had tasted hers, we went back to the pool with a big grin. Obviously no one had noticed that we were gone

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    • runtime: 6:52
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 14.07.2021
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  • Here is not cuddled, here is fucked !!! Mega cum shower

    Here is not cuddled, here is fucked !!! Mega cum shower

    As you come unsuspecting from shopping, the guy sitting there beaming with a "CUDDLE ZONE" sign. He's crazy. If I want to cuddle, I buy a dog. Off on the bed with the guy, blown hard cock and let first properly durchvögeln. But what happened then, even I did not expect. Such a huge sperm shower I have never experienced. The madness.

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    • runtime: 5:36
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 29.04.2019
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  • Bitchfight of the bartenders

    Bitchfight of the bartenders

    My colleague Misha is a real bitch. She is unfriendly to guests, reluctant to serve them and does not treat guests or employees to anything good. I am very different. With me, every guest gets the attention and care they deserve. Yesterday this guy came to the bar who always likes to flirt and certainly wants more. Misha let him flash again. I went to him and flirted with him a little. When he went to the toilet, I ran right behind and waited for him. When he finished, I stood there and made it clear to him without words what was going to happen now. He took me hard and got me really. When he then sat down next to her at the counter and put one of my pearls down for her, of course she knew straight away what had happened and from then on there was radio silence between her and me. I don't care ... the main thing is that the customer was happy and recommends me

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    • runtime: 27:02
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 12.09.2021
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  • Fuck my husband and I when

    Fuck my husband and I when

    No panties my juicy cunt was she was bereit.Erst single hole properly then I licked his cock bliss until the cream to boil over and splashed my face

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    • runtime: 8:42
    • format: mp4
    • resolution: 720 x576
    • date: 08.11.2013
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  • F ** K on time

    F ** K on time

    We were invited by friends and, as always, we were late. When I got out of the bathroom, he was still on the bed - naked. What is this now? After long negotiations that were obviously funny for him, we had the solution: Fuck me. You have set a 10 minute timer and off you go ... First blown cool, then continue in 69 (seen from both perspectives at the same time) and then into the cunt hole. Did he manage to cum in time?

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    • runtime: 15:26
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 24.12.2021
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  • Visiting US Super MILF Dee W.

    Visiting US Super MILF Dee W.

    The American super milf Dee W. invited me to his home. She really wanted to try out what a German pussy tasted like. Of course I couldn't refuse. She received me lightly clothed and it quickly became clear that she didn't want to waste any time. After a short feel, hot kisses and fumbling, I lay on my back and let myself be pampered by her. The woman is really good at it. Next time I would like to have a tail with me

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    • runtime: 13:59
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 09.03.2020
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  • Here is not working, here is fucked !!!

    Here is not working, here is fucked !!!

    Actually, I just wanted to make a cool VLog post in a friend's club when it was suddenly said I should control the craftsmen. I did not feel like it. I quickly realized that the boys do not even know what they are doing. Well ... maybe they have other qualities? So, hammer away - cocks out! I can tell you, the two have no idea about work, how to hammer a woman off, but they definitely know. They pulled me through as hard as I have not experienced it for a long time. Definitely an absolute highlight for me.

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    • runtime: 13:50
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 03.05.2019
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  • Cam show becomes a very private number

    Cam show becomes a very private number

    Patrick and I were actually booked for a cam show, which we were really looking forward to. But when it started, we forgot very quickly that there were users who were watching us and who were constantly receiving messages. He lay relaxed on his back and enjoyed being touched and kissed everywhere by me. I sucked his cock passionately, then took off my panties and sat on him. I rode him slowly until he took over and increased the pace. We haven't had such slow, tender and intimate sex for a long time - and all users were there live.

    • price: 9.99 EUR
    • runtime: 10:47
    • resolution: 1920 x1080
    • date: 18.09.2022
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